Thu, Jun 13, 2019 · 18:00

The AIxBlockchain In Real Life series aims to bring you the most innovative and disruptive real-world applications of these emerging technologies. You will be greeted by industry professionals and like-minded individuals who have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

In this first series, three speakers from three of the most exciting companies in this space will be showcasing their solutions to real-world problems. So come on down to discover the latest insights and happenings in the tech ecosystem with real-life applications of AIxBlockchain!

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----------SEQUENCE OF ACTIVITIES----------

1800 – 1900 | Registration + Light Dinner

1900 – 1910 | Welcoming Speech by Informatics

1910 – 1935 | Sharing by

1935 – 2000 | Sharing by Wadz

2000 – 2025 | Sharing by Connectome

2025 – 2115 | Panel Discussion


  • Aaron Tan Yong Quan, Co-founder, Nakka Singapore


  • Tony Tran, Head of Community, Liquidity.Network
  • Ghislain Bonamy, Chief Operating Officer, Wadz
  • Yasunori Motani, Executive Director, Connectome (tentative)
  • Crystal Lim, Community Manager, Connectome

2115 – 2200 | Networking


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Informatics HQ

100 Victoria Street, #13-01/02 National Library Building, Singapore 188064


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-----------DATE & TIME--------------------

13th June 2019 (Thursday)

6 PM to 10 PM


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----------PARTICIPANT PROFILES-----------


Liquidity Network is a 2nd layer solution, built upon the NOCUST protocol, a scalable secure commit-chain. A commit-chain is similar to a side-chain, but doesn’t require an additional consensus mechanism and solely relies on the security of its parent-chain.

Website -

Telegram -


Wadz is a collaboration between payments, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and supply chain experts to revolutionize the way traditional payments & accounting is managed. Wadz will unify payments, inventory management, and accounting into one easy to use system.

Wadz mission is to support financial inclusion by leveraging state-of-the-art decentralized blockchain and artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology

Website -

Telegram -


Connectome is a technology platform to realize human-like AI assistant, “Virtual Human Agent” (VHA). By harnessing the Artificial Intelligence (AI), Game AI (human-like intelligent NPC technology), blockchain and human sciences, VHAs can, amongst other things, be personal assistants, the cornerstone of productive organizations and companies, assist in healthcare and be the future of human-technology interaction. The goal is to create a future where humans can trust in and live alongside AI technologies that will increase the quality of communication between humans, as well as between humans and technology.

Website -

Telegram -


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