Mon, Jan 21, 2019 · 9:00
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EOS DevCon is the first of its kind, a developer and dapp focused conference which focuses on the EOSIO Developer community. EOS DevCon will be held from Jan 21-25, 2019, in Tampa, Florida. For more on EOS DevCon, visit

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EOS Nation is the first to sponsor this event, as part of its EOS Nation Community Engagement Fund. More information on EOS NATION here:

  • On January 21-22nd we will be hosting a 2 day conference where we will have developers/dapps talk about and present their project for exposure.

  • On January 23-24th we will be hosting a Hackathon, which we'll keep updating our website for more details on, so keep checking!

  • On January 25th we will have an EOS Workshop where you'll learn how to create a token and airdrop it on the EOS blockchain.

This event is being organized by Jarib Figueredo (Founder of HorusPay) and Yohann "Bluejays" Calpu.