Thu, May 03, 2018 · 7:55

Futurama is an exclusive, three-day immersive experience. Come network with leading crypto-thinkers, and entrepreneurs in the consensus distributed and blockchain technologies. 

Breathtaking AI Projects 

More far-reaching than science fiction might suggest. 

Meetings in VR

Get-togethers in virtual offices around the globe without the traveling hassle. 

Next Generation Blockchain 

From air taxis to XXX, you'll be amazed. 

Wild networking

Grab a falcon and jump on a ballon for a sunrise flight with Brock Pierce. 
We'll make the Coachella look outdated. 

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Event Packages

Single $4,995.00 / Double $8,995.00

The price includes: Hotel room at 5-star luxury Meydan Hotel Dubai, access and transfer to all Conference events, transfer to and from DXB Airport, drinks and meals at event locations.