Wed, Jun 20, 2018 · 11:00

Robots. Artificial intelligence. Blockchain. Radical life extension. So many new ideas, so much disruption. What's real? What's hype? What's next? The answers will shape your future. 

The Great Debate

The pace of development in artificial intelligence and its integration into digital technology has been rapidly accelerating. All signs seem to indicate we are only a few years away from mass adoption and AI hitting scale. But as all this new development takes shape, few of us truly understand the implications. Opening this year's ideacity conference, two thought-leaders will go head to head on the future of digital technology. What lies ahead? Promise or peril?

The Biggest Ideas

The Great Debate on Digital Technology: Promise or Peril?

Thought-leaders in the space lay out the vision for and challenges around, machine learning and AI.

Dazzling Tech: Robots and Their Makers

Meet the robots and robot makers that are redefining how we will live our lives.

Blockchain World

More than just cryptocurrencies, learn how this technology is set to transform nearly every industry!

Cannabis Revolution

Hear from companies and business leaders on navigating this brand new industry.